"I’ll think about it…" No, I won’t actually.

It’s funny isn’t it when people say, “I’ll think about it.”
Really. You don’t say? Who thinks about anything in that way? What we really mean is, “I’ll avoid the question now and hope the next time you ask me I’ll have an answer.” Which is perfectly sensible because even if we don’t know it when we say, “I’ll think about it” what we are saying, truthfully, is, “I’ll let my subconscious process it and hopefully next time you ask me I will open my mouth and the answer will come out.” Which is how life really works, or at least mine anyway.
If I really do intend to think about something, I am forced to write about it. It’s the only way I know.
Like lots of other people, I believe, I write to find out what I think.


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